Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace Linear – Slayton 36

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    About: Our smallest direct vent linear contemporary fireplace with glass media set and optional rock media or driftwood set.


    The Slayton 36: A High-Quality Linear Gas Fireplace

      • Beautifully styled as well as extremely energy-efficient, the Slayton 36 is a linear gas fireplace that provides a superb design accent to any room. Direct venting and a compact size make it the perfect choice for any residence. If you’re looking for a modern fireplace that adds appeal wherever it’s located, the Slayton 36 is a great option.

    Contemporary Fireplaces that Offer Excellent Fuel Efficiency

      • This fireplace benefits from 33,000 BTU/hr input for the Natural Gas model and 33,000 BTU/hr input when liquid petroleum is used. Burning efficiency is impressive. The Natural Gas option operates at 68.80%; the LP Gas operates at 71.96% efficiency. Canada P-4 approved and relatively economical to operate, this fireplace is an environmentally responsible choice.

    Linear Gas Fireplace with Some Great Features

      • The Slayton 36 offers many cutting-edge features that allow it to offer outstanding performance and value. The flame, light, fan, and thermostat can all be controlled remotely, and the fireplace incorporates lifetime glass and quick latch technology. A high-low regulator and high-caliber burner system are further features of this premium product.

    Contemporary Fireplaces that Offer Elegant Heating Solutions

      • This fireplace can be customized to meet your individual requirements, with a range of different design features. If you need a high-grade fireplace that’s attractive, easy to operate, and cost-effective to maintain, the Slayton 36 could be the perfect choice


      • Viewing Area: 14” x 36”
      • 33,000 BTU/hr Input – NG
      • 33,000 BTU/hr Input – LP
      • Quick-Latch, Lifetime Glass
      • Remote Control –
        • Thermostatic
        • Flame
        • Light
        • Fan adjustment
      • High-Low Regulator
      • Engineer-Designed burner system
      • Minnesota Energy Code Compliant to 50 pascals
      • Certified to ANSI Z21.88 Vented Gas Heater
      • Ceramic Glass


    Slayton 36 Burn Video

    Slayton 36

    Komfort Kontrol Proflame 2 Remote

    Komfort Kontrol Proflame 2 Remote Instructional Video


    • IPI
      • – ENERGUIDE P.4 NG/LP | 66.05% / 68.05%
      • – Steady State NG/LP | 71.21% / 73.05%
      • – AFUE % NG/LP | 65.74% / 66.84%
    • Efficiencies Glossary:
      • – P.4 Efficiency (ENERGUIDE) is an efficiency rating more recognized in Canada to measure annual fireplace efficiency.
      • – Steady State Efficiency is a measure of how efficiently your fireplace converts fuel to heat once it is warmed up and operating at a steady temperature.
      • – Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measurement of the fireplace’s ability to convert fuel to heat over a more extended period, including cycling on and off.

    Standard Design Features

    • Curved Enamel refractory lining
    • Accent Light Kit

    Required Design Features

    • Glass Media Kit
      • For options and pictures, look at the Slayton brochure under the Resources tab.
    • Screen Front
      • For options and pictures, look at the Slayton brochure under the Resources tab. 

      Optional Features

    • Rock Accents media kit
      • For pictures, look at the Slayton brochure under the Resources tab.
    • Driftwood/Rock media kit
      • For pictures, look at the Slayton brochure under the Resources tab. 
    • Driftwood media kit
      • For pictures, look at the Slayton literature under the Resources tab. 
    • Automatic Fan Kit
    • Heat Duct Kit