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There used to be a time when uninspiring cookie-cutter fireplace designs held sway. Those days are gone, and many modern homeowners like you seek custom fireplaces that reflect your tastes. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find full-service fireplace companies that can handle such creative requests.

At A Fireplace Store and More, custom fireplace design is one of our strengths. We have decades of experience in the industry, and we use this knowledge to create valuable additions to your home decor. We source the finest models and materials, make them available to you, and install them to your specifications.

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    We happily offer customers a wide range of possible fireplace options. Whether your house is big, small, old, or young, we have a fireplace option that works for your budget, personality, and home aesthetic. Our offerings include the traditional fixed fireplace and various fireplace accessories.

    Nowadays, almost any home can benefit from the many virtues that a fireplace brings. Even smaller homes with no easy ways to install a chimney can use portable fireplaces that do wonders both inside and outside of the house. An example of this is the outdoor fireplace.

    Outdoor fireplaces include most of the same design features as regular indoor fireplaces. They have chimneys, flues, fireboxes, and smoke tables. Outdoor fireplaces can also run on various fuels, including gas or wood. They can bring a sense of style to almost any yard.

    Another type of fireplace is the gas-powered variety. Since they don’t require large fireboxes for wood, you can dispense with expensive chimneys when you use gas-powered fireplaces. In addition, you can make them as big or small as you wish, and their unique design features mean that you can mount them in unusual locations.

    Some useful gas-powered fireplace benefits include:

    • Lots of Accessories: Modern gas fireplaces are replete with options like variable backgrounds, variable fire media options, and even smart heating settings.
    • Safest Option
    • Customizable up to the point of water vapors changing colors
    • enhance home decor and ambiance

    The Traditional Fireplace

    Despite their permanent nature, many families still swear by the traditional stone or brick fireplace. These classic fireplaces include features you might expect, like mantels, large fireboxes, and generously sized chimneys. Although classic fireplaces are permanent fixtures, we can still design personalized custom features on your behalf.

    To make designing your next fireplace easier, we offer a well-stocked fireplace showroom for the convenience of our customers. The showroom can give you fireplace ideas, show you a range of options, and inspire your future design plans.

    Modern fireplace design and technology give you more options than ever. At A Fireplace Store and More, we support your installation efforts with our expertise, creativity, and ability to custom craft whatever you need. If you dream of your very own home fireplace, you don’t have to wait anymore.

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