Chimney Cleaning

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If your house has a wood-burning fireplace, you likely have a chimney that goes along with it. A well-built chimney is a key part of the overall fireplace design. It serves many functions and keeping it clean is a matter of good health.

At A Fireplace Store and More, we happily offer skilled and experienced technicians who keep a close eye on your fireplace. As part of their inspection process, they examine every inch of your fireplace, chimney, and related technologies. They deploy periodic chimney cleaning services that give your unique heating system a clean bill of health.

You can rest assured that the cleaner your chimney is, the better you and your family will feel.

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    Keep Your Fireplace Healthy with Regular Chimney Cleaning

    Fireplaces are durable home installations that can last for generations if you take care of them properly. Though durable, fireplaces and chimneys need regular cleaning. At A Fireplace Store and More, we dedicate our time and energy to ensuring that your fireplace is clean and functional.

    Chimney Repair

    Chimneys need to be in good condition before our technicians can safely clean them. To promote safety, we always perform any necessary chimney repairs before undertaking deep cleaning. For example, if you have a chimney that leans to one side, we must straighten out the bricks that form it before we proceed to other matters.

    Some of our other outstanding chimney repair services include:

    • Structural chimney damage mitigation
    • Mortar and brick replacement
    • Chimney realignment
    • Full chimney installation
    • New chimney system design
    • Broken chimney cap replacements
    • Faulty chimney crown mitigation

    These services are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our capabilities. Many chimneys that we encounter require customized parts. We happily fabricate any unusual parts that your chimney may require for proper operation.

    Chimney Cleaning

    Dirty, clogged, or damaged chimneys can’t effectively perform. In addition, chimneys in bad condition negatively affect your home’s air quality, and seriously soiled models promote unacceptable fire risks. Thankfully, our experienced technicians can make these dangers disappear.

    Some of our highly sought-after chimney cleaning services include:

    • Thorough Chimney Sweeping: Our technicians use high-quality brushes with multiple cleaning heads. They mount chimney sweeps every few feet to ensure detailed coverage of every inch of your chimney flue.
    • Coal and soot removal: Over the years, the flue inside your chimney can accumulate lots of flammable materials. These materials are leftovers from unburned fuels that often include substances like creosote, soot, and even coal. During our thorough cleaning process, our technicians remove any trace of these potentially harmful compounds.
    • Unwanted debris removal: Over time, flammable materials from plants and animals can end up in your flue. Our cleaning services remove this debris before it can cause significant damage.

    Your fireplace, chimney, and its related parts are complex features. To get the most out of your chimney cleaning and repair efforts, trust our experts at A Fireplace Store and More. To enjoy our professional services and receive a free consultation, call us at 630-241-1919.

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