Fireplace Services in Lombard, Illinois

Looking for top-notch, reliable fireplace and chimney services? Look no further! A Fireplace Store and More is here to help. With our team of professionals, you can trust that your fireplace and chimney will be in good hands. Plus, we offer more than just equipment sales – we’re with you every step of the way. So don’t wait any longer! Call the fireplace store Lombard IL residents trust, today, at 630-241-1919 and let us help bring the warmth and charm of a fireplace to your home.

At A Fireplace Store and More, we take a customer-centered approach. We can show you top-quality fireplaces or accessories and install your new heating equipment. Our long-standing commitment to excellence and personalized service makes us a top destination for fireplace services in Lombard, Illinois.

Located just 21 miles from the iconic city of Chicago, our business offers Lombard many fireplace-related goods and services. Some of our popular local offerings include:

  • In-home estimates
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Fireplace design
  • Fireplace installation and repair

We have the privilege of being the fireplace store Lombard IL residents trust! You can read about their many positive interactions with our technicians on our customer reviews page.

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    Lombard Fireplaces: Design, Installation, Repair

    When you shop for your next fireplace or heater with us, you can be confident that you’ll find everything you need at one location. We source and provide top-quality heating equipment and fireplaces that fit many different styles and tastes. We also offer personalized estimate programs that take the guesswork out of fireplace services in Lombard, Illinois.

    In addition to these design processes, we undertake big or small fireplace installation jobs. Once we install your new fireplace, we keep it in phenomenal working shape with our professional periodic maintenance and inspection programs.

    In-home Fireplace Estimates

    At A Fireplace Store and More, we take a personal interest in the unique contours and needs of your home. To gain the necessary information, we have an in-home estimate program that brings our technicians to you. During the estimate, our experts take in all necessary fireplace-related information.

    They look at your walls, roofs, and other structures to understand where and how to install your new fireplace best. Our fireplace experts take necessary readings and carefully measure proposed fireplace or heater placement sites. Once we complete our in-depth inspection of your home, we give you options and advice based on our carefully gathered information.

    We keep you involved at every step of the process and ensure that the results meet your tastes and standards.

    Fireplace Design

    We know that every home has unique characteristics and needs. As such, many mass-produced, stock fireplaces do not fit the needs of homeowners like you. At A Fireplace Store and More, we can create custom components and designs that seamlessly fit your new fireplace into your existing structure.

    We produce professional blueprints and diagrams that provide insight into work before we begin. We always take your wishes into account, and you are always free to include your input in our design process.

    Fireplace Installation and Repair

    Our master installers have years of experience with various fireplace designs. Some of the more popular offerings include electric fireplaces, gas log fireplaces, and traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

    • Electric: Electric fireplaces are popular due to their ease of use and installation. Many of them successfully mimic the look and feel of natural fires with the use of lights and other special effects.
    • Gas: Gas log fireplaces are another common choice. Since they use gas as fuel, you can save money in the long run. Additionally, gas fireplaces are low impact, and they don’t require bulky additions like chimneys.
    • Wood: Of course, traditional wood-burning fireplaces are very popular options. They can add new dimensions to your home, including beauty, comfort, and even monetary value. We install them in various configurations, all designed to warm your heart and your soul.

    We do more than just install mesmerizing home fireplaces in Lombard. We also keep your existing models running at optimum levels with periodic maintenance, fireplace cleanings, and much more.

    Chimney Sweep Lombard, IL

    Fireplaces and chimneys go hand-in-hand. Naturally, we look after both. Some of our in-demand chimney services include:

    Chimney Cleaning

    • High level, detailed Level 1 inspection
    • In-depth flue sweeping
    • Multiple-brush flue cleaning
    • Thorough debris capture
    • Flue vacuuming with dust removal

    Chimney Repair

    • Structural rebuilds
    • Anti-spalling upgrades
    • Water leak mitigation
    • Rusty firebox replacement
    • Mortar joint filling

    You can learn more about our chimney expertise by visiting our blog page.

    We offer the best fireplace services in Lombard, Illinois. For immediate emergency service or a complimentary consultation, call A Fireplace Store and More now at 630-241-1919.

    We also serve the following cities: Bolingbrook, IL | Burr Ridge, IL | Chicago, IL | Downers Grove, IL | Naperville, IL | Wheaton, IL

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